We're pleased to announce the release of new imagery data across the globe within Google Earth Pro.

International coverage is a key feature in this release, including parts of Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, India, and China, to name a few. See the crowds gathering for an soccer match in Johannesburg, or marvel at the rapidly-changing Shanghai skyline.

The United States imagery updates feature key urban sites, such as Boston, San Francisco, El Paso, Des Moines, and Portland, Maine. With the release of exclusive data layers in Google Earth Pro 5.2, professionals can leverage the new imagery with exclusive access to parcel outlines, traffic counts, and demographic data.

Blue car icons offer users historical traffic counts for thousands of locations across the United States, dating back to the 1960’s in some locations. Civil engineers in El Paso can leverage the new imagery in addition to analyze traffic counts to determine the best location for a new stop sign.

Parcel data is also available for most urban areas. With the new imagery, a realtor in, say, San Francisco can use parcel data to spec out a property site, determine parcel zoning, market value and parcel number.

The new imagery and exclusive data layers make Google Earth Pro the right choice for industry professionals looking to leverage state-of-the-art imagery with compelling data analysis.

To learn more about the new Google Earth data layers, check out this Google Lat Long blog post.

Posted by Coleman Rusnock, Google Earth Pro team