We've just released the newest version of Google Desktop for Enterprise, and if we do say so ourselves, it looks pretty good. Previewing your desktop search results inside the browser helps you find the right documents, emails, and files that much more quickly. We've also increased security with warnings for web sites that might attempt to steal your personal information or install malware on your computer. For those of you who'd like to make Desktop for Enterprise available to a broader segment of your employees, we now support 12 different languages.

We've rolled these features into a Desktop package that offers a completely new look and feel for the sidebar and gadgets, too. Go give it a try.


The Google Apps website does a pretty good job of describing the various applications, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc., included in Google Apps. However, one of the most powerful aspects of the suite is how integrated the applications are. From accessing email from the personalized start page to adding a appointment to your calendar right from an email, we're working to build a seamless user experience, where you don't have to wait forever for a different desktop application to load before you can get to work. Here's Rajen Sheth, Product Manager, demonstrating some of the unique features of Google Apps.


Just unwrapped your shiny new Google Search Appliance? Maybe you've had one for a while and would like to get even more out of your enterprise search experience? Or perhaps you've been shopping for an enterprise search solution and want to see what the yellow box is all about? Well, check out our upcoming webinar with non-linear creations, "Secrets of Success with the Google Search Appliance".

A Google Enterprise Professional partner, non-linear creations will reveal proven approaches for success with the Google Search Appliance. Learn how to successfully return results from critical data sources, effectively fine tune your enterprise search engine, and integrate the Google Search Appliance with your enterprise content management system.

To learn more and sign up for the webinar, visit here.

Posted by Ryan Pollock, Product Marketing

The enterprise gang is hitting the road once again. In May and June we're doing 13 Google @ Work seminars throughout the US.

If you're not familiar with the Google @ Work seminars, they're a great opportunity to learn how the Google products you know and love can be used inside of your business. Each seminar will feature experts in products such as Google Apps, the Google Search Appliance, the Google Mini, and Google Earth Enterprise. In fact, many of the people who write this blog will be there!

And best of all, it's completely free for you attend. We'll even treat you to breakfast.

We'll be visiting these cities in May and June:

San Francisco, CA Tuesday, May 15
Los Angeles, CA Wednesday, May 16
San Diego, CA Thursday, May 17
Seattle, WA Tuesday, May 22
Denver, CO Wednesday, May 23
Phoenix, AZ Thursday, May 24
Chicago, IL Wednesday, May 30
Columbus, OH Thursday, May 31
New York, NY Monday, June 4
Hartford, CT Thursday, June 7
Philadelphia, PA Tuesday, June 12
Pittsburgh, PA Wednesday, June 13
Detroit, MI Thursday, June 14

Space is limited, so if you want to attend, make sure to register today.

We're looking forward to meeting you soon.


Today we announced and opened up registration for this year's Google Developer Day, which will be held in 10 locations around the world on May 31st. For those of you developing products and services using our enterprise product APIs this is a chance for you to learn more and interact with the teams. It also represents a great opportunity for you to go more in depth on Google's other developer products including Google Web Toolkits, Google Gadgets, and the AJAX Search and Google Checkout APIs.

But why would you want to? Well we continue to see a trend where enterprises are embracing new technologies and systems that have roots in consumer-based applications. We'd certainly like to think that our enterprise products, which are rooted in our own consumer offerings, are playing a healthy role in this phenomenon. Its also very intentional that our consumer and enterprise development platforms are one and the same. Now Google Developer Day represents a great chance for the enterprise developer to stay ahead of the curve by examining the many ways they could creatively leverage Google's wide range of developer products within enterprise environments. Space is limited, so register today.


Need a connector for your Google Search Appliance so that you can easily search Documentum and other content repositories from the convenience of your Google search box? How about a tool for additional navigation based on your search results? Or maybe some professional services like a quickstart deployment package or training? Look no further!

Our Enterprise Solutions Gallery now highlights solutions built by third parties (including our Google Enterprise Professional partners) that complement Google enterprise search products including the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini.

If you missed the debut of the Enterprise Solutions Gallery, the Google Apps section was launched a few weeks back with the arrival of Google Apps Premier Edition. The Google Apps section of the gallery contains solutions that extend and enhance the Google Apps platform and its component products, including Google Calendar and Start Page Gadgets, as well as professional services for deployment and migration.

If you've built a great product that extends, enhances, or customizes our search solutions or you've gained the expertise necessary to offer a valuable service to organizations that are integrating or using the Google Search Appliance or Google Mini, then we'd like to help you share your offering with the user community. Tell us about what you've done and we may include it in our solutions gallery, thereby giving you access to the growing set of enterprises leveraging our search products.

Posted by Scott McMullan, Enterprise Partner Team

Yesterday the Google Maps team announced a new feature that makes it easier to create custom maps: My Maps. To quote their blog post, "So easy a caveman could do it."

Well, even with my degree in Computer Science, I admit to being a bit of a caveman when it comes to map mashups. I just never got around to it. Sure it was relatively easy, but the point and click, drag and drop features in My Maps makes it so easy that even a... You get the idea.

As an example, last year we announced the Google Mini Map, which required a little programming to create, and a little more to update for each new customer.

Contrast that with the Google Apps partner map I made yesterday in about 10 minutes.