We launched a new version of the Google Search Appliance today with a feature called Google OneBox for Enterprise. Ever search on Google for a stock ticker or the weather and get the information right in the search results? Well, Google OneBox for Enterprise works the same way - giving you access to information from business applications such as your contact database, calendar, CRM or BI system. Check out Dave Girouard'’s blog post for more on how this works.

We're thrilled with the impressive list of partners (Cognos, Oracle, Cisco,, SAS and many others) who have already created OneBox modules. Take a peek at this video to hear some of our partners talk about why they think a Google search box is a great way to reach their applications.

And last but certainly not least, the Google Mini grew up a bit today -- well, in a sense. The new Google Mini is half the size and weight of its predecessor but is chock full of features like unlimited collections, a continuous crawler and up to 25 queries per second query capacity.

It's always refreshing when a business creates something new and useful and then releases it to the open source community. So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Inxight Software, one of our Google Enterprise Professional partners, for doing just that. The team at Inxight has created a Java wrapper for the Google Search Appliance's XML API and posted it as a project on SourceForge. Check out details (and download a copy).


(guarda sotto per la versione italiana)

IW Bank just launched a redesign of their website centered around their Google-powered site search. As one of the leading online brokerage firms in Italy, IW Bank recognizes that search is the easiest way for their visitors to find information.

In preparation for the launch of their new site, last week, they counted down the time to redesign. For those of you who aren’t fluent in Italian, ‘Investiamo nella ricerca’ means ‘We invest in search’ and ‘5 giorni 11.18.39’ is a countdown to their search launch – 5 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes and 39 seconds!

We really like their new layout and think it employs some design principles from another popular website.

...ed ora in italiano:

IWBank ha appena lanciato la nuova versione del sito web istituzionale interamente incentrata sulle funzionalita' di ricerca offerte dalla Google Search Appliance. Tra i leader italiani del trading online, IWBank dimostra come il motore di ricerca Google sia la modalita' piu' veloce e facile per permettere ai propri utenti di trovare le informazioni desiderate.

La scorsa settimana, preparandosi al lancio del nuovo sito, hanno fatto il conto alla rovescia in attesa del nuovo motore Google utilizzando il simpatico teaser "Investiamo nella ricerca".

Ci e' piaciuto davvero il loro nuovo layout e riteniamo che utilizzi egregiamente alcuni principi di design tipici di un altro famoso sito web ;-)